Classical Mechanics Around the World

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Penn State University
Home page for Physics 419 (Classical Mechanics), Spring 1997, by Prof. Jorge Pullin. Problem sets, lecture notes and Mathematica examples.
Purdue University
Syllabus, calendar, lecture notes, assignments, student work, and links to related materials. By Dan MacIsaac, Purdue University.
Mount Allison University
Some typical entries include friction of curling ice, how an egg breaks, what would happen if a comet struck the earth, determining the mass of Jupiter by observing satellites, how does the impact on the foot vary with type of running, various terminal velocity experiments, etc. While the course is intermediate mechanics, most of the projects relate well to introductory physics courses. Syllabus, assignments, student work. By Robert Hawkes, Mount Allison University.
Indiana University
First-semester, Calculus-based introductory physics for science and engineering majors. Syllabus, calendar, assignments, exams, grades, and links to related materials. By Dr.Gregor M. Novak, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).
Washington State University
Graduate course in advanced classical mechanics. Some materials are available online,including a hypertext syllabus and problems with solutions and exams (Word for Windows format). Some simulation packages written in Mathematica are included. Also includes assignments and grades. By Dr Mark I Stockman, Washington State University.
Japan: Java Applet Gallery
Germany: Euler Angles of a Rigid Body
Taiwan: Kepler motion Java applet
Initial condition of the "virtual star" is represented by an arrow. It can be Draged to change the initial position and initial velocity. Parameters ( total energy, gravitation potential, effective potential, semimajor axis ...) are viewed graphically. The period is calculated in real time unit. (Fu-Kwun Hwang)
Taiwan: Pendulum experiment java applet
Do a pendulum experiment with mouse(click/drag:to change its initial conditions-- length of the pendulum, initial position, gravitational field strength). Parameters (gravitational field and its components, kinetic energy, potential energy, velocity ...) are viewed graphically or displayed with text(length, angle, half period...). A period-initial angle plot is generated automatically, just click/drag the mouse and wait. Try and play with it to find out more features. (Fu-Kwun Hwang)
University of Kentucky: Physics Laboratory in Mechanics;
Online Java animations and visualizations for undegraduate Physics laboratory in Mechanics. The following Physics lab exercises are introduced: - Some Basic Units of Measurement in Mechanics; - Graphs; - Forces; - Sliding Friction; - Projectile Motion;
Taiwan: Oscillation and wave
A java applet demostrating the motion of a mass hanging from a spring. Damping force can be added to the system. (Fu-Kwun Hwang)
University of Illinois: Interactive Physics Workshop
An Introductory Mechanics course using the Interative Physics software application. Syllabus, lecture notes, and links to related materials. By Clive Halliwell, University of Illinois at Chicago.
Kansas State University: Physics Education Research
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