Quantum Photonics Lab

Independent Senior Researcher at National Research Council (CONICET)
Chair of OSA Quantum Optical Science and Technology Technical Group
Awarded Associate Professor Position at Universite Paris-Saclay
Departamento de Fisica and IFIBA
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellon I
(1428) Buenos Aires

Phone (54-11)-528-57567
Fax (54-11) 4576-3357
e-mail: gpuentes at df.uba.ar
ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0003-0576-4491


Research Interests

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  • Researcher at University of Oxford (UK) (Clarendon Laboratory)
  • Lecturer at Trinity College, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK)
  • Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA)
  • Marie Curie Fellow at Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO, ES)
  • Visiting Scientist and Lecturer at Stuttgart University (Stuttgart, DE)
  • Senior Research Fellow at Philips Research (High Tech Campus, NL) image
  • Associate Professor University Paris Saclay (IMT, FR)
  • Chair of OSA Quantum Science and Technology Technical Group (OSA, US)
  • ERA Chair Elect in Quantum Optics and Photonics, Horizon 2020 (EU)
  • Member of the Optical Society of America
  • Member of SPIE image


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Patents and Invention Disclosures

  • Absolute calibration of particle detectors - Patent number: 8706437 (Isis Innovation Limited, 2014)
  • System and computer implemented method for coaching a user in a coaching plan - Patent number: 20170091408 (Philips Group Innovation, 2017)
  • G. Puentes, M. Krijn, P. Tsang, and E. Zondag, Invention Disclosure 2014ID3051, Philips Group Innovation : Electronic eye-wear correcting for high- and low-order visual aberrations via near-field computational pre-filtering methods (2014).
  • P. Tsang, E. Zondag, and G. Puentes, Invention Disclosure 2014ID3066, Philips Group Innovation: Automatic hyperopia and myopia compensation for display and active eyewear (2014).
  • E. Zondag, P. Tsang, and G. Puentes, Invention Disclosure 2014ID0362, Philips Group Innovation: Adjustable pattern mapping glasses (2014).
  • G. Puentes, O. Willemsen, S. de Zwart, M. Krijn, P. Tsang, 2014ID67577, Philips Group Innovation: Aremac optical system with increased eye-motion-box (2014).
  • S. de Zwart, M. Krijn, J. Schleipe, G. Puentes, O. Willemsen, Invention Disclosure 2014ID04252, Philips Group Innovation: Aremac with optical filtering using telecentric lens system (2014).
  • G. Puentes, B. Kroon, S. de Zwart, 2015ID00655, Philips Group Innovation: Vertical acommodation cue display (2015).
  • G. Puentes, Invention Disclosure UBA-CONICET Nro 20170102760: Tunable Fluidic Lenses for Impaired Vision (2017).

MSc Student Supervision

International Collaborations

  • Prof. A. Grunbaum (UC Berkeley, US)
  • Prof. J. Lundeen (U. Ottawa, CA)
  • Prof. M. Dennis (U. Bristol, UK)
  • Prof. J. Goette (U. Glasgow, UK)
  • Prof. K. Bliokh (RIKEN, JP)
  • Prof. Y. Shikano (U. Kaio, JP)
  • Prof. A. Lavrinenko (DTU, DK)
  • Dr. O. Takayama (DTU, DK)
  • Prof. F. Reinhard (TUM, GE)
  • Dr. I. Gerhardt (U. Stuttgart, GE)
  • Prof. L. Vaidman, (Tel Aviv, IS)
  • Prof. C. Monken (UFMG, BR)
  • Prof. L. Neves (UFMG, BR)
  • Prof. R. Correia (UFRGS, BR)
  • Prof. N. Viswanathan (U. Hyderabad, IN)
  • Prof. R. Depine (UBA, AR)
  • Prof. S. Franke-Arnold (U. Glasgow, UK)
  • Prof. P. Bianucci (U. Concordia, CA)
  • Prof. L. Bassett (U. Pennsylvania, US)
  • Dr. S. Mouradian (U. Stanford, US)

Miscellaneous ........In 2011, I had the unique opportunity to work with Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT, in the 10-year anniversary of his Nobel Price for BEC . In this occasion, I had the pleasure to contribute to his lab by designing and assembling a new UHV apparatus for 7Li (Zeeman slower, main vacuum chamber, magnetic trap, bucket windows and re-entrant ports), in addition to several other standard lab components (such as laser table enclosures, laser-lock systems, water cooling system) ........... Unfortunately, the students who later on operated the UHV apparatus and built the remaining components for the lab had some setbacks with their components and only six years later in 2017 a first paper was submitted (arxiv/1709.02028), using the UHV apparatus as I designed it and built it in 2011. We hope all the difficulties have now been overcome and many important results will be produced in the near future with this new apparatus!