Most international flights arrive to Ezeiza International Airport. Currency can be exchanged in the airport at Banco Nacion. The exchange rate is 1 peso = 1 US dollar. Teller machines are available and work with most major credit cards. Public phones are either coin or card-operated. Cards are available at the airport.  A bus company (Manuel Tienda Leon) offers transportation to downtown Buenos Aires at $17. The ride takes about 40'. At the bus first stop in Buenos Aires, mini-vans redistribute passengers at no extra cost within an extended area. The ticket stand of the Manuel Tienda Leon company is the first stand after you exit customs. There is also a public transportation bus that serves downtown Buenos Aires at a cheaper rate, but we do not recommend it if you carry a significant amount of luggage. If you do take this bus we recommend the differential service (signaled by a D  behind the windshield).


Most lectures will be held in the  Aula Magna, on the first floor of the first building (Pabellon 1) of the University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria). Some activities may also take place in the  Aula Pedro Federman.  Computer terminals will be available to School participants in the Computer Lab on the second floor of the same building .


Registration of School participants will start at 2:00 PM of Monday July 17th at the School site, at the entrance to the Aula Magna,  and will continue at the School Secretary.
The School secretary (Marta Pedernera) will assist participants from 13:00 to 17:00.


The University Campus (Ciudad Universitaria) is served by the bus lines 28, 33, 37, 42, 45, 107, 160. Some buses end their route before reaching the University campus. Only those with a special sign ``Ciudad Universitaria" behind the windshield serve the School site. You should step down from the bus at the first stop inside campus. All bus routes end at their third stop inside campus.  The bus fare (approx. 70 cents) must be paid aboard, using coin-operated ticket machines. You do not need to pay the exact fare, but you must pay with coins (the driver will not provide change).


The lunch tickets  provided to registered participants are valid for the cafeteria in the ground floor of the building. They cover a choice of main course or salad  and quiche, plus dessert. Beverages are not included (tap water is available free of charge). Tables will be reserved for  School participants at 12:30.

There are many restaurants specialized in barbecued meat along the river line, just exiting the University campus. The cost of an average lunch in those restaurants is above $15.


Card operated public phones, for local and international calls,  are available in the ground floor of the building.  Cards are available in the kiosk next to the building entrance. Long-distance phone and fax services are also available in cabins next to the entrance to  the second building (Pabellon 2). The rates for international calls from these cabins (``Locutorios'', also common downtown) are cheaper than hotel phone rates.


The city of Buenos Aires offers a large choice of hotels Bus 45 has a stop nearby, in Piedras and Av. de Mayo, and serves the School  site. The cost of a special taxi-cab service (remise) from the hotel to the School site is about \$10, and can be ordered from the hotel  reception.


A bus company (Manuel Tienda Leon) offers transportation from downtown Buenos Aires to Ezeiza International Airport at  $17.  The ride takes about 40'. The bus terminal is in Av. Santa Fe 790.  Passengers can request to be picked up from the hotel at no extra charge to the phone number 4314-3636.


If you need to contact the School Organizers, phone to Mario Marconi: 4576-3300/04 (work) Ext:346; Claudio Iemmi: 4576- 3300/04 (work) Ext: 269; or Jorge Aliaga: 4576- 3300/04 (work) Ext: 280.


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