Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics


  • Effective theories
  • 1/N expansion of QCD
  • physics Beyond the Standard Model
  • chiral perturbation theory
  • supersymmetry


    Carlos L. Schat                     (publications in SPIRES )
    Daniel E. Lopez Fogliani     (publications in SPIRES )

    Undergraduate Student

    Cintia Willemyns

    Former Undergraduate Student

    Leonardo Galeta (2009)

    Recent Collaborators

    Daniel Phillips
    Martin Hoferichter
    Dan Pirjol
    Jose A. Oller
    Luis Roca
    Jose Goity
    Norberto Scoccola
    Tom Mehen
    Ezequiel Alvarez
    Alejandro Szynkman
    Leandro Da Rold


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