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Pablo Daniel Mininni

Postal Address:
Departamento de Fisica, FCEN, UBA
Ciudad Universitaria, Pabellon 1
Buenos Aires 1428, ARGENTINA
Phone: (++ 54) (11) 4576-3390 ext. 819 
Fax: (++ 54) (11) 4576-3357

Academic degree:

PhD in Physics,
UBA, 2003

Current position:

Researcher of CONICET
Professor at Department of Physics, FCEN, UBA

Research topics:

Turbulent flows
Rotating and stratified flows
Intermittency in neutral and conducting flows
Geophysical and astrophysical flows
Subgrid-scale models for turbulence
Generation of magnetic fields in astrophysics and geophysics
The Hall-effect in astrophysics and in space physics
Computational fluid dynamics

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Courses (in spanish):

Estructura de la materia 1
Física teórica 1
Física 3 (Ciencias de la atmósfera y los océanos)

Física teórica 2